Bag of the Week:  My NYU bag is perfect for carrying everything I need for my upcoming business trip.  I can fit an extra change of clothes, baby bottles, my laptop, a book and some magazines to read on the plane, my sunglasses and some great beauty products to refresh once I land.

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  1. Din

    I love all of your bags and carry the older collection. I am hoping next year I can purchase one of the new collections. I want Brooklin and Venice. I live in New York and get compliments all the time about my bags. It feels good to carry something other than LV or Chanel. I love telling them that its handmade and comes from Brasil. I am also from Africa and love that I can say this is an African name. Keep doing a great job. I hope to see more wallets and backpack purses in the future. Also will there be a chance you will have your bags in NY. I would love to meet my only and favorite handbag designer. Besos


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