I think it is a great season to start posting: it’s Mother’s Day!
The best gift for Mother’s Day is a Handbag!
Nothing could be better than a gift that fits your mom’s lifestyle and her laptop at the same time.
This is MUXO – Best quality leather attached to a unique design all handmade by me and my mom.
With our love to you and your lovely mom.
In this blog you will always find good tips and articles about women, handbags, family, fashion and everything else that we love and care about.
Enjoy it!
Camila Alves

12 comments to “Welcome to MUXO’s blog!”

  1. Dawn

    What beautiful works of art! Am looking forward to buying one, if I could only decide which one.

    Blessings to you and your mom ~ Happy Mother’s Day !

    Peace, Love, and Hugs,

  2. Elena

    Dear Camila,
    You are creating absolutely great and unique pieces of art. Congratulations!
    Your ideas are great and your creations are exactly like you beautiful and unique :)

    I am from Romania, Europe.
    Please let me know if you have already sent one of your creation to Europe up till now and if it was complicated to do this.

    Thank you for letting me know, you will make someone very happy if it will be possible to receive one.

    many thanks,

    PS. As tomorrow will be 3rd of May and I know that your daugther will be 4 months, I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you for such a beautiful babygirl. I wish you to celebrate her 4th month with a lot of joy. She looks like you…

  3. Elena

    Congratulations for your great creations!

    Wish you the best….


  4. camila

    Oi Elena,
    Thank you so much for such kind words, I am so happy to hear that you love the handbags!
    We have shipped them all over Europe but never to Romania, and we will be please to do it for you.
    And yes Vida will be 4months and I am full of joy
    Thanks again
    All the best

  5. Oliwia

    Hi Camila,
    I am from Poland, Europe.Your bags are perfect and beautiful.I think that You’r great person, hope to have one of your bags soon:))I’ll let U know:))
    Wishing U and your family all best (Vida is beautiful and she looks like U:))), by the way HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

  6. dzdar

    love how you combine city and nature together in your design…great collection.

  7. Johnnice

    I just one to say I love all of your bags I can’t wait to purchase one of them. I think I may get one of your wallets first and then come back an purchase one of your handbags.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Thanks Johhnice

  8. Stephanie


    I am looking at the Hippie 1 bag. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to press the send button on my order. There are other options for color with this bag, but no preview. How can I get a preview of the bag in the other colors? Also, I truly love the Muxo logo but it doesn’t seem to show on this bag. Is this not a true Muxo bag? Please help, anxious to purchase.

  9. Camila

    Hello Stephani, unfortunately it is no way to see the other colors in the handbag I personally love the same color as the photo! We don’t have that handbag in stock but we can for sure make one for you! Do you have any other that you like on the site?

  10. Stephanie

    I absolutely love the Queen of the Sea in brown, and I also like the TK and Sally handbags also. In my opinion, your logo and the fringe really sets the bag off. The logo makes you pay attention to it. Very good job.

  11. Stephanie

    Hello Camila,

    I ordered the Hippie 1 today. I am very excited to receive it and start using it.

  12. Stephanie

    Good afternoon. I am the proud owner of the Hippie 1 bag. I am also going to order the Circus 2 bag. I am wondering if you can customize it a big to add longer fringe to it? And what would the additional cost be?


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