Ok guys….I know I being gone for a while is just being a crazy time lately !!! The premier at QVC was such a joy and I couldn’t  be happier with  all the support I had the production for the handbags was amazing but a lot of work!!!

Well we are back and working on the new styles now!!! can’t wait!



Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Muxo trunk show last week in New Orleans at Designer Social.  So much fun!


Bag of the Week:  My NYU bag is perfect for carrying everything I need for my upcoming business trip.  I can fit an extra change of clothes, baby bottles, my laptop, a book and some magazines to read on the plane, my sunglasses and some great beauty products to refresh once I land.


It’s celebration day!

Victoria’s Secret announced Camila Alves as the Sexiest Mom (Momshell) at “2010 What is sexy? Bombshell edition”

Thanks everyone!

I think it is a great season to start posting: it’s Mother’s Day!
The best gift for Mother’s Day is a Handbag!
Nothing could be better than a gift that fits your mom’s lifestyle and her laptop at the same time.
This is MUXO – Best quality leather attached to a unique design all handmade by me and my mom.
With our love to you and your lovely mom.
In this blog you will always find good tips and articles about women, handbags, family, fashion and everything else that we love and care about.
Enjoy it!
Camila Alves